Yellow Maeng Da Kratom


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  • 100% pure Maeng Da Yellow kratom
  • Ethically sourced using fair trade policies
  • Free from additives, chemicals, and pesticides
  • Stored in air-tight packaging
  • Purity guaranteed from accredited, third-party laboratories
  • High concentrations of alkaloids
  • Induces high levels of energy

The yellow strain is a novelty in the world of Mitragyna powder. You can enjoy the superior strain and its stimulating impact by consuming a small amount of our kratom powder, ground to perfection for maximum results.

Also famous as the Gold Powder, the origins of Yellow Maeng Da can be traced to Indonesia where the strain is locally known as Kuning. Wondering where it is actually grown in Indonesia? Well, that’s where things get interesting!

The Yellow Kratom is not cultivated naturally. Yup!

So, if you come across any company claiming “all-natural or 100% natural” yellow vein kratom, REMEMBER, they are just fooling you. There’s no such thing as a natural yellow vein.

Naturally, there exist three types of Kratom strains: Green, White and Red. On the other hand, the yellow strains are created superficially and so pack enhanced abilities as well as high mitragynine content. Also, the majority of the regular Yellow Maeng Da users consent to the fact that even though it possesses more energy potential, its sedating effects are relatively mellow.

Shop Yellow Maeng Da for sale

When you look for kratom powder on sale, the usual Mitragyna variations come to mind. Divine Botanicals has provided users with a vast array of products to choose from our shelves. You can pick the yellow Maeng Da for an energizing experience and enjoy the earthy, rich aroma of this strain that is dried in particular ways to bring the best results.

Most powerful Maeng Da yellow strain at an economical price

The price of all products at Divine is reasonable and affordable. You can buy the best, at the best price, and experience the best results. Kratom powder vs. kratom pills is always a good choice as it offers diverse methods of consumption. Shop Yellow Maeng Da powder for tea, or use it in edibles and feel the difference!

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28g, 50g, 100g, 250g

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