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White Bali Kratom Powder has become a familiar offering at the Divine Botanical’s online store, and to be honest, we, ourselves, admire it a bit too much!

It is a unique blend abundantly grown in Bali, Indonesia, and distinguished by its dark-green leaves and strong fragrance. In fact, a research carried out by the Shamanistic Studies and Research, revealed that the White Bali Kratom possesses one of the strongest aromas around. The Kratom experts believe it to have a sound resemblance with White Sumatra, White Borneo, and White Horn kratom powders.

Alkaloid Profile

Factually speaking, when it comes to the efficacy and potency of any kratom product, it all boils down to its alkaloid content. And, with over 25 different alkaloids present in its molecular structure, White Bali Kratom boasts the broadest alkaloid spectrum amongst all the white strains – incorporating the likes of mitragynine, paynanthine, and speciogynine. The breed is also famous for containing a perfect balance of flavonoids, unlike other white strains.

Our Manufacturing Process

In order to bring our valued customers the most authentic and highest quality White Bali, our team at Divine Botanicals adheres to second-to-none, GMP – compliant manufacturing practices.

Let Us Help You Heal The Mind and Body Naturally!

Following we have highlighted all the rigorous procedures involved in crafting the perfect White Bali Kratom powder ready to sell out:

1) Hand-picking Leaves

The first and foremost step is to carefully pluck only the fully-matured leaves, most suited for harvesting. And, all the young, under-developed, old, or dried out leaves are removed and discarded. This alone is a skill that our farmers have honed after years of experience working in the fields.

2) Cleaning Leaves

Before sending for further processing, the collection of extracted leaves is re-checked inspected by farmers, and any rotting leaf that has been mistakenly added is trashed. Next, at the manufacturing plant, a second quality check is executed, and the stems and veins are removed.

3) Rinsing with Water

The batch is washed with pure, clean water to ward off dust and sand and then set aside.

4) Drying Out

The strained leaves are then dried indoors in clean dehydrator trays till they turn crispy rather than in the open sun. This is because sun-drying is not only time-consuming but also exposes the collection to harsh radicals and other contaminants in the environment, such as insects and dust.

5) Grinding and Packaging

To sell out non-gritty kratom powder, we finely ground and sieve it thrice in fast grinding machines. Finally, the powder is tightly-sealed in secure packaging in state-of-the-art facilities to retain its freshness, flavor, and aroma. We guarantee that there are no artificial ingredients or adulterants added.

4) Third-Party Lab Testing

All products undergo exhaustive testing as soon as we import them before being added to our inventory!

The Bottom-line

Manufactured with unwavering attention to details, you will forever be grateful to divine botanicals for coming with a strain as exquisite as White Bali.

So, what are you thinking?

Order White Bali Kratom Now! We bet, there is no other powder like it!

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