Green Thai Kratom


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  • Derived from 100% pure green vein leaves
  • Ethically harvested in Thailand
  • Highly concentrated alkaloid levels
  • Approved from Third-party lab testing

Green Thai has a well-deserved reputation for being an immaculate combination of red and white strains. Experts believe that the effects of Green Thai are very similar to the traditional Green Maeng Da strain.

It was first discovered and cultivated by farmers in Thailand before quickly spreading to other parts of Southeast Asia. In the medieval times, it was gifted as a token of appreciation to natives who hosted guests as a part of ritualistic worship. Later, it’s medicinal and therapeutic use became more mainstream.

The strain features a strong alkaloid profile. Thanks to Thailand’s nutrient-rich soil that results in an array of powerful alkaloids being present in the strain that too in high concentrations.

Divine Botanicals aims to procure high-grade kratom products that are naturally cultivated (without using nasty pesticides or fertilizers) from our network of expert farmers in Thailand and beyond. After harvesting, all veins and stems are removed to micro-grind only the leaves and obtain pure leaf powder. It is then sealed in secure packaging for a refreshing mouthfeel and aroma.

All in all, it is one of the most energizing strains out there with unrivaled benefits.

So, make sure to buy it. We promise it will not disappoint.

Setting The Highest Standards of Purity, Potency, and Pricing!

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28g, 50g, 100g, 250g

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