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Instilling hours of enjoyment, Green Hulu’s proponents argue that there is no other strain in all the kratom family with the likes of this signature one.

This unique Kratom breed is named Hulu because it hails from the Hulu Forests of Borneo Island in Indonesia. And when we say unique, we really mean it! It is unique not just in terms of its chemical composition but also in terms of availability.

The strain’s chemical structure differs significantly from the other traditional kratom strains. Apart from containing a high concentration of the most active Kratom alkaloid, namely Mitragynine, it locks in a substantial volume of the other rare and less-common alkaloids (such as Isomitraphyllin, Isospeciofo, Corynoxein, Corynantheidin, Mitraciliatin, Paynanthein and Specionoxein among others).

Green Hulu’s harvesting process along the banks of the Kapuas River is quite a tedious job due to the crops’ close proximity with the river (that accelerates the chances of flooding). Therefore, most of the farmers refrain from cultivating it. In addition, the plant’s lifespan hovers between 1 to 5 years, which further contributes to its scarcity. Consequently, whether you buy it in bulk or individually, you will find its pricing a bit on the costlier side.

But again, Divine Botanicals is here at your disposal!

Despite its rare production, we make sure to supply the precious breed to our domestic and international customers at a fair price paired with an exceptional customer service experience.

Take our word: It’s worth all your money.

P.S. The demand for our Green Hulu Powder is always on the seventh sky.

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